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IT Security Services

Providing IT security assessment (OWASP OpenSAMM), network security integration such as firewall management and managed IPS/IDS, end point security & patching, vulnerabilty scanning & threat management, Incident Response and security monitoring.

Application Security

Managed application development by implementing secure SDLC in all life cycles from architecture and design, security GAP analysis, integrating security (DevSecOps), application secure remediation, self security vurnerability assessment and reducing noise (false positive).

Penetration Testing

Pentest and vulnerabilty assessment by our security expert to simulates an attack on your IT systems including application server, network and mobile/web applications.

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IT Security Education

Cybersecurity education and awareness training for your employees to reduce IT risk, keep data safe and how to improve IT security skills.

Secure Code Review

Secure code review is the most effective way to identifying security flaws in your source codes. With static or dynamic SCR, we review and audit the source code for an application to verify that the security controls are present and work as intended.

Software Development & Education

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Secure Application Development

Secure development is how to integrating security into SDLC, with security in mind from requirement & design to testing & producation release. Secure coding enables developers to learn security and application security scanning by static or dynamic to related languages such as ASP.NET, Java, Nodejs, Golang and PHP.

Programming Training

Programming class was designed with advanced material to empower developers not only learn how to build application based on business requirements but also security in mind.

IoT Research & Development

Internet of Things involves the inter-connection of multiple devices such as computers, smartphone and "things" to internet. We explore the technologies related to things advancement become discoveries and technological evolution.

Cloud Solutions

Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud services include architecture guidance, performance monitoring and testing, on premises cloud migration, database administration, DevOps automation, 24x7 support monitoring, security and BCP on cloud. With Managed Cloud, your team will focus on business strategic and our consultants take on technical side.

Cloud Technologies Consulting

Cloud technologies consulting will helps your company for cloud migrating, application development on cloud and infrastructure solutions related to business needs.

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